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The principal themes of the 2016 Kisséll for Treasurer campaign are:

Make the connections: Between the fairy tales our kids are taught in high school history and economics classes, and an electorate that can’t think straight.  Between deregulation of the financial sector and the near-collapse of the economy.  Between runaway military spending and federal deficits.  Between tax breaks for corporations and plummeting public services.


Move the money:  From endless wars on the other side of the planet to growing social needs at home.  From taxpayer bailouts of banks to federal programs to put the unemployed to work on projects to address social needs (crumbling infrastructure, ballooning class sizes, medical and dental care, etc.) as was done in the 1930s “New Deal.”

Campaign platform:

As City Treasurer, Rick Kisséll will work to build a movement to:

•  Reduce the city debt, and return Milwaukee to a “pay as you go” fiscal policy

•  Restrict property tax exemptions to truly nonprofit programs for the needy

•  Prosecute and jail the corporate criminals who caused the economic crisis

•  End corporate tax loopholes and prosecute tax cheaters

•  Overturn the infamous “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision that legalizes the domination of our politics by corporations and the rich

•  End runaway military spending and redirect the money to social needs at home

•  Defend the rights of all working people to form labor unions

•  Create a new “New Deal” with the government directly hiring the unemployed